Calculating the Rent Increase Rate for March 2022: What is the Percent of the Rent Increase (WPI-CPI)? TUIK Inflation Figures!

With the announcement of February inflation figures, the rent increase rate for March 2022, which is closely related to tenants and landlords, became clear. Citizens who will renew the rental agreement have learned the increased rental price in this way. Inflation figures were announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) on Thursday, February 3, 2022. … Read more

Have Natural Gas Support Payments Paid, When will it be Paid? The Date of Natural Gas Aid Payments is 2022!

Applications for the Natural Gas Consumption Support, which was implemented for the households in need, started to be received as of February. Citizens who completed the application process focused on when the payments will be made. The support payment will be credited to the PTT card of the beneficiary. Natural gas payments are planned to … Read more

Gold Prices March 15, 2022! How Much is a Quarter of Gold, How Much is a Gram of Gold Today? Tension Under the FED Decision! – Economy News

After the rise in the last weeks, the latest situation in gold is being followed closely as of March 15, 2022. In the past weeks, the outflows in the dollar rate turned the rise of ounce gold and the direction of gold types in the domestic market upwards. Gold, which has been on the decline … Read more

When will the Central Bank’s March 2022 Interest Rate Decision be Announced? What will be the CBRT’s Interest Rate Decision in March?

  The eyes of the economy will be on the Central Bank this week, as it affects investment products such as exchange rates and gold prices. The Monetary Policy Committee, which will convene to determine the interest rate decision in March, will announce the decision taken. So, what time will the meeting be? WHEN AND … Read more