Increase the Benefit of Dry Onion by Consuming it Raw!

Heart and Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Onion comes first among the foods that Canan Karatay says ‘consume plenty’. Dried onion, which is a source of healing, ensures the proliferation of prebiotics, which are the body’s friendly bacteria, especially when consumed raw. Canan Karatay points out that it is more beneficial to consume onions raw … Read more

Raise Your Self-esteem to Take Control of Your Life

In the awareness meetings I held with my clients on many topics such as business life, romantic relationships, working life, strong communication, success, leadership, conflict management, social life and weight control, we came to the conclusion that the main source of the problems is that people cannot objectively evaluate themselves in terms of valence and … Read more

A Droopy Eyelid can Prevent Vision

As age progresses, sagging of the skin, bags on the eyelids, color changes, relaxation, swelling and wrinkles occur. The drooping of the upper eyelid, which is caused by the abundance of skin encountered on the eyelids, can reach the point where it prevents vision. It can be seen at any age, but its incidence increases … Read more

Curious about the Hair Extensions

Welding hair is the application of healthy and long hair to the person by various methods. Today, one of the most preferred methods is keratin welding. Keratin source is the most natural one among the source types. It is often preferred because the hair contains keratin in its own structure. Another method is the bead … Read more

What are the Differences in the Methods Used in the Surgical Treatment of Obesity?

Tube stomach Sleeve gastrectomy is popularly known as “stomach reduction surgery”. During gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach becomes a long, thin tube like a banana. 80 percent of the stomach is excised and removed laparoscopically, that is, with a closed surgical approach. Therefore, the food intake of the stomach is restricted. In addition, sleeve gastrectomy … Read more

Eye Pressure can Cause Blindness

Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Nükhet Özsoy made a statement due to the 12 March World Glaucoma Day. Stating that glaucoma is a condition that can be experienced in all age groups, from newborn babies to older people, Dr. Özsoy said, “Because intraocular pressure causes a slow and progressive damage to the optic nerve, glaucoma is a … Read more

12 surefire Ways to Protect Your Heart, Bones and Skin from Snow and Extreme Cold!

Snowfall and cold weather, which experts have warned for days, have taken our country under its influence; most of our cities are almost white! Measures were taken days in advance to prevent traffic accidents, fractures and dislocations caused by falling and a number of other problems; continues to be received. It is very important for … Read more