Will NATO Take Steps for Ukraine?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg makes statements. Stoltenberg said, “Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are on the alert. Increasing the air and naval elements is on the table. It is in question that we will hold larger exercises. We will present options to NATO’s military commanders. Large investments will be required.” used the phrases.

Here are the highlights of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statements:

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are on the alert. Increasing air and sea elements is on the table. We are about to do larger exercises. We will present options to NATO’s military commanders. It will require large investments. I welcome the steps of Germany and our other allies in this regard. We must work harder so that we can preserve our values.

Zelensky: We heard that we will not join NATO, we have to accept that “CHINA MUST JOIN THE REST OF THE WORLD”

NATO’s primary responsibility is to protect all its allies. We have to do this in a very dangerous situation. We’re shipping more capacity to the East Wing. We are ready to defend every inch of NATO. We are closely observing the airspace. Our commands are also in contact with the Russians so that there are no misunderstandings.

China has to join the rest of the world. They should strongly condemn the invasion of Russia. China has an obligation as a UN member. Our call to China is not to support Russia. We follow the developments closely.


NATO allies have been supporting Ukraine for years, especially after 2014, tens of thousands of soldiers were trained. Now they are fighting bravely. The support we have provided over the years is now at a very key point. I appreciate the support of NATO allies in this regard, but of course the most important thing here is Ukraine’s courage.

President Putin is responsible for this war. He can end this war now and return to diplomatic efforts. We renew our call to him. Ukraine is a very valuable partner, we will continue to support it. We provide financial and humanitarian support, impose sanctions on Russia. Our responsibility is to protect allies, we are prepared to do so, we are increasing our presence.


NATO allies provide many different types of support. In this way, Russian missiles are destroyed, including advanced air defense systems. Different types of support continue, I can’t go into detail who gives support and how.

We are on the alert right now, closely observing our airspace. This includes the new Patriot missiles. We observe with our Avax aircraft. We keep our capacity ready to take action if necessary. An object that entered Romanian airspace was captured. Romanian jets were activated immediately, we are investigating this incident. In the same way, we follow the UAV that fell in Croatia. We’ve learned that the drone is not armed, but we must be on our guard.

That’s why we increase our presence and strengthen our observation forces.


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