Have Natural Gas Support Payments Paid, When will it be Paid? The Date of Natural Gas Aid Payments is 2022!

Applications for the Natural Gas Consumption Support, which was implemented for the households in need, started to be received as of February. Citizens who completed the application process focused on when the payments will be made. The support payment will be credited to the PTT card of the beneficiary. Natural gas payments are planned to be made quarterly, twice a year (March and October).


Natural Gas Consumption Support https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/aile-ve-social-hizmetler-social-yardim-basvuru-hizmeti You can apply at. Natural gas support will be open to application through social assistance or e-Government. People who want to benefit from natural gas support can apply to Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations via e-Government.


Natural gas aid payments are planned to be made quarterly, twice a year (March and October). Citizens who accept the application will be able to receive payment by submitting their natural gas invoices to the PTT.


Reminding that the payments will be made in March, Minister Yanık said, “Applications for the Natural Gas Consumption Support, which we have implemented for the households in need, start as of today. Our support amount, which we determined for two terms based on the thermal map, will vary between 450 TL and 1.150 TL.

Stating that all citizens residing in 647 districts/towns with natural gas infrastructure and having natural gas subscription can benefit from the support, Minister Yanık said:

“We will provide Natural Gas Consumption Support to households using both postpaid and prepaid meters. After the applications of our citizens in need through e-Government are approved, our citizens who have rights will be able to benefit from the support by going to the PTT and presenting their invoices. On the other hand, the support amount of our citizens using prepaid meters will be credited to their cards.”

Stating that they will make additional payments to chronic patients with a health report or to citizens who depend on the device, Minister Yanık said, “Our citizens will have to process their disease report into the system during their application. We will pay 5 percent more to the households where our patients live, in addition to the support amount we have determined.”

“We will provide the necessary convenience for the realization of the transactions by presenting the invoice and identity of the beneficiary subscriber so that the disabled and the elderly who cannot make their own payments do not suffer in this process,” said Minister Yanık.

Underlining that the applications to be received in the electronic environment will be examined in detail by the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, Minister Yanık said, “Our citizens whose applications are accepted after the evaluation will be entitled to benefit from the support.



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